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In Memoriam

Our friend and colleague Dr. Walter Crinnion passed away on March 11, 2019. Dr. Crinnion practiced Naturopathic Medicine from 1982 until his untimely death. Dr. Crinnion was a leader and teacher of Environmental Medicine internationally.

He had influence on physicians and health care providers of all types and changed their understanding and implementation of environmental medical care. He taught in every naturopathic medical college, helped change the way we practice Naturopathic Medicine for the better. Dr. Crinnion was a brilliant physician who directly helped thousands of patients overcome illnesses stemming from environmental causes.

He recently published the Textbook “Clinical Environmental Medicine” with Joe Pizzorno and previously had published “Clean, Green and Lean” a book about toxins in our diet. He was also a respected author of many peer-reviewed publications and many online resources. IIVNTP collaborated for many years with Dr Crinnion in order to offer the best heavy metal assessment and elimination training for health care providers. He is sorely missed.