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$500/hour with physician

$300/hour with RN

These consults are designed for active clinical practitioners who have specific challenges in their office pertaining to procedures, IV protocol modification, and treatment, suggestions for specific conditions.  Those individuals who have attended our seminars or webinars may be familiar with one or more of our instructors, and may wish to contract with a particular consultant.

Who should I consult with?


  • Consultations related to medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Consultations regarding protocol formulation and prescription
  • Safe IV dosing and infusion rate of specific nutrients
  • Treatment of adverse reactions


  • Consultations related to clinic and IV setup
  • Consultations related to safe and comfortable dosing and infusion rates based on solution osmolarity and pH
  • Questions regarding IV equipment, IV mixing standards, suppliers

Why should you consult with us?

  • Our consultants all have extensive relevant experience related to all aspects of IV Nutrient Therapy
  • Our consultants all have extensive and current clinical experience
  • Our consultants have backgrounds in post-secondary education, having taught at  accredited medicals schools
  • We understand the importance of reliable research as a starting point for formulating IV Nutrient Therapy treatments
  • Ongoing support so you don’t have to feel like you are starting this on your own

How do we set up an hourly consultation that best fits your needs and goals?

  • Contact IIVNTP regarding your need for a consultation via our contact page at phone us 541-777-3356
  • We will contact you to determine how we can best be of service to you
  • Once we understand what you need, we will have our consultant contact you at an agreed upon time for the teleconference

The consultant you contract with can be chosen from our experienced teaching team, to include: Drs Virginia Osborne, Brenden Cochran, Shawna Kiker and Kelly Brink, RN. Our team has different areas of expertise; we can help you choose a good consultant match or you can specify the person you want to work with.

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