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Magnesium is manufactured in sulfate and chloride.
Vitamin A can be mixed with other water soluble vitamins.  
B vitamins are important in many of the Amino Acid pathways. Which one is the most important.
Which mineral is considered deficient in a glutathione deficient patient?
Which of the following is important in supporting reduction of lactate?
NAD requires the SIRT activity, Sirtuin is:
NAD and NADH are interchangeable
NADH is required to generate
Is NAD a strong MAO inhibitor?
NAD is a rapid infusion, 500mg can be given IVP as a starting dose 
Impulse inhibition is an attribute of which neurotransmitter?
Both COMT and MAO enzymes are involved in Serotonin metabolism.
Which minerals are involved in neurotransmitter metabolism?
High levels of ________ will increase fat and weight gain, whereas _________ supports muscle mass.
Gut bacteria can directly effect the levels of Estrogen in the body.
Which over the counter medicine do you need to check if your patient is taking before suggesting Indole-3-Carbonol?
What increases Dopamine?
Which nutrient deficiency causes low Serotonin levels?
Both 2-OHE1 and 4-OHE1 are metabolized by the COMT enzyme, 16-OHE1 is not. When the ratios of 2-OHE1/16-OHE1 are ______, this means there is low ______ in your patient.
PTC compounded for Mesotherapy can be added to an IV nutrient bag.
If your patient is on MAO inhibitors, Methylene Blue should be given at the same time.  
Which of the following labs is necessary before doing Methylene Blue infusion?
Athletes are often dehydrated. What are the treatments options for the various individuals competing at the level of the World Health Organization criteria.
Which of the following is TRUE of medical ozone.