Video Seminar – Advanced IV Therapy Strategies Nov. 2018


Recording:  Seminar Series

Learn the most effective and current application of Parenteral (IV) Micronutrients : Quality of Life Care (Hydration, Radiation and Chemotherapy recovery)

Quality of Life care (Hydration, Radiation and Chemotherapy recovery, etc.) And Novel IV agents to improve cancer care (Artesunate, Salicinium, ALA, Lipoic-mineral complexes, DCA, Germanium, Bicarbonate, Silibinin, Mistletoe, DMSO/MSM, Calcitriol, Germanium, Glycine, Combination therapies, Phosphatidylcholine, and other items) We will also cover the latest research in the use of IV vitamin C, central line access and care and IV protocols employing these agents.

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Advanced IV Therapy Strategies for Acute and Chronic Infectious, Immune and Inflammatory Diseases

November 2, 3, 4 – 2018