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Which therapies can be used on closed brain tumors?
What is true about fat soluble vitamins?
Vitamin D
Which statement is true?
What is the most common preservative used with IV Curcumin products?
Which statement is FALSE about IV Curcumin?
Which B Vitamin is the lease likely to flare up a chronic disease patient?
Ozone’s mechanism of regeneration is all EXCEPT:
Which nutrient initiates the electron transport chain?
NAD is the rate limiting factor in the synthesis of which neurotransmitter?
NAD acts as an anti-aging mechanism by stimulating
NAD can be depleted by
Your next patient arrives for their IV nutrient infusion you ae considering adding in glutathione. Is it appropriate to mix glutathione into the IV solution an hour prior to starting the infusion?
You are giving an infusion of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) Which of the following should you remember?
Vitamin A can be mixed with other water soluble vitamins.
PTC compounded for Mesotherapy can be added to an IV nutrient bag.
Which of the following is TRUE of medical ozone.
Ketamine is an NMDA receptor
Highest Bioavailable of ketamine is:
Oral Ketamine Bioavailability is:
Contraindications to Ketamine use are
Neuroinflammation can involve all the following EXCEPT?
Neuroinflammatory calming strategies include all the following EXCEPT?
Insomnia has no impact on neuroinflammation and pain
Which type of cannabinoid receptor is primarily found in the central nervous system?
Which of the following is a possible function of CB2 receptors?
Which of the following is a possible therapeutic use of CB2 receptor activation?
Which of the following best describes how CBD may help relieve pain?
Which of the following is an important consideration when using CBD to treat pain?
How does chronic pain affect the HPG axis?
Which of the following is a potential consequence of opioid use on the HPG axis?
What does NAD stand for in the context of addiction treatment?
What is the primary function of NAD in the body?
How is NAD administered for addiction treatment?
What is the primary goal of NAD therapy in addiction treatment?
What is the theory behind the NAD+ addiction protocol?
Is NAD infusion a standalone treatment for addiction?
What is the typical dose range with IV NAD+ for addiction?
LAMC is used to
Palladium in LAMC is non-toxic and will not show up on heavy metal testing
LAMC can be used for
LAMC which statement is true: