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You must score 75% or higher to be eligible for a certificate. You must submit your exam by Monday, May 30th.

NAD is a rapid infusion, 500mg can be given IVP as a starting dose
There is a direct correlation of NAD levels and mental performance.
NAD promotes tumor suppressor genes to help prevent damaged DNA cells from becoming cancer
Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAD can be given on the same day and is
One will get best physical performance from
If there is not enough methylation support while giving NAD, one may notice all of these symptoms, except
Both NAD and NADH are useful metabolic nutrients.
NAD is used for
Both SIRT 1 & 3 have cancer preventing mechanisms from damaged DNA.
Which of the following labs is necessary before doing Methylene Blue infusion?
Which nutrient initiates the electron transport chain?
NMN is not a precursor to NAD
NAD(H) is used as an oxidant in metabolic processes.
NAD can show negative effects on physical performance.
NAD responds to the imbalance of oxidative stress
All these statements are true, except
NAD delivery methods: NAD can be found in all of these forms, except
Decrease in NAD is caused by
NAD is the rate limiting factor in the synthesis of which neurotransmitter?
NAD can be useful in the treatment of post-COVID-19 chronic fatigue.
NAD can be depleted by
Overdose or speed shock of NAD results in all of these symptoms, except
For every 1 NAD molecule, how many ATP are formed?
Which immune marker utilizes NAD to decrease inflammation and increase immunity?
What NAD+ dependent mechanism most likely reduces Alcohol Cravings?
This causes mitochondrial damage
NAD for chronic dz: Which of these statements is true?
If your patient is on MAO inhibitors, Methylene Blue should be given at the same time.
NAD acts as an anti-aging mechanism by stimulating
NAD is found highest in any high energy production tissues, except…
The doses of NAD+ used in the treatment of Addiction start as high as:
NAD signaling is involved in the process of all, but
NAD activates
NAD uses oxidative phosphorylation to form
All these mechanisms are ways in which NAD can improve mental and physical performance, except:
A suspension of hydrophilic ointment can be used
NAD has been used extensively in the treatment of addictions since:

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