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IV Therapies in Oncology CME Exam

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Receptors Opiate class, Drugs can interact with include
A deadly complication of opiate overdose includes respiratory depression
When administering LDN (low dose naltrexone) to a patient on opiate therapy, due to break through pain
Which is true about bone marrow response to Chemo therapeutic drugs?
What is true about the measurement of kidney function?
How long after an IV should you wait to draw blood for liver and renal function?
Will Normal Saline effect blood lab results? Electrolytes for 24 hours
What is a way to assess and monitor hypoxia and pro-oxidant therapies in your patient?

Match which of these statements are correct about measuring inflammation with blood markers.

  1. Marker of tissue damage in the body
  2. Marker of oxidative damage in the body
  3. Highly sensitive marker of inflammation in the body
  4. Marker shows the presence of plasma proteins from increased inflammation
  5. Marker associated with poor outcome in malignancies.
(Use list from above)
(Use list from above)
(Use list from above)
(Use list from above)
(Use list from above)
(Use list from above)
Which statement is true about high fibrinogen levels?
Serum Iodine and B12 will increase due to an increase or reoccurrence in cancer.
What is the function of NLR (Lymphocyte-Neutrophil Ratios)?
What is the definition of Pseudo-Progression?
What are 2 lab values that can be used to assess immune function and activity?
The functions of the Liver are:
Which minerals are involved in Glutathione recycling?
Studies show that after cancer treatments,
Methylation is both pro or anti-cancer in most cancers.
When optimizing methylation pathways,
Glutamine is stimulatory to most cancer from a supplementary source.
Does Glutathione and Glutamine supplementation feed most cancers?
Do we need to supplement with B12 or Iodine if the labs are high?
HDIVC and nutrients should be given on same day to stimulate all the co-factor associated with the oxidative process.
Which oxidative therapy releases cytokines intracellularly?
Which statement is true?
What shifts in electrolytes are seen when infusing High Dose Vitamin C and must be accounted for with your Vitamin C infusion to reduce side effects?
Zinc Cl can be added to HDIVC.
Which additives can be added to High Dose Vitamin C?
Which is true when administering HDIVC:
How long do you typically continue HDIVC protocols?
Dietary changes make a difference in cancer treatment outcomes.
If oral Vitamin A is tolerated well, but levels are exceptionally low, it is ok to start with IV Vitamin A to eliminate absorption challenges.
Which B Vitamin, diluated and given IV, can mimic some of the effects of DCA?
Is synergistic with oxidative therapies?
Since Iron is used in the metabolism of Artesunate, should we give Iron with Art?
Which therapies can be used on closed brain tumors?
What are some serious side effects of Artemisia? Neutropenia, anemia
Artemisia and its various types are all synergistic with chemotherapy.
Which of these statements about Artesunate is FALSE?
Which statements are TRUE about Artesunate?
Apoptosis is initiated by which cell structure?
What are 3 strong eliminators of glyphosates?
Mistletoe efficacy, dosing and frequency of use is based on:
What is the common terminology of Mistletoe seen in research literature?
Mistletoe has low adverse events unless:
Mistletoe is an immune modulation vs stimulator.
Oral form does not work well for cancer.
Oral forms of mistletoe are not commonly used for:
When administering Mistletoe by injection
Which of these are not contraindicated when administering Mistletoe
Which of these statements are false about Mistletoe?
When using Mistletoe therapies, wait at least 4 weeks before another image or scan to get a most accurate image.
There are 3 main species that are matched to tumor type
All types are created equal, with equal dosing.
What is the most common preservative used with IV Curcumin products?
Lipocurc, at high doses, can cause what as a side effect?
Which statement is FALSE about IV Curcumin?
Quercetin can be used orally, nebulized, intravenous, and topically.
Quercetin cannot be nebulized with NAC for lung conditions.
What is the function of Quercetin?
Which statement is FALSE about Quercetin?
When chelating Copper out of the body, it is important to…
What is the purpose of TM as a therapy?
What are some side effects of TM when used in conjunction with Chemo?
What are some side effects of Ozone?
What can Ozone be used for in Cancer?
Which of these statements are true regarding Ozone therapy?
Normal tissue and wounded tissue respond the same to HBOT
Increasing the intake of antioxidants just before pro-oxidant therapies will enhance the benefits.
Mistletoe should be discontinued if the patient spikes a fever of 102
If not responding to immune therapy, I.E. LDN or mistletoe, look at:
For the safest delivery of HDIVC, only ascorbic acid should be added to the base solution?
Any antitumor immune response can cause the appearance of disease progression, either as tumor growth or appearance of new lesions. This can be caused by:
Would these labs CBC, CMP and G6PD be required for delivering ozone systemically?
What IV adjuvant would be avoided in the recommendations directly for treatment: after oxidative treatments such as H202, Ozone, HDIVC, Artesunate?

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