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1. Regarding remineralization with chelation therapy, which of the following statements is true:
2. The average number of treatments (EDTA and other IV chelation) given are:
3. When chelating patients, support must be given for which organ system:
4. The allopathic medical standard of care (in the US) for the use of EDTA is:
5. The least compatible additive in the I.V. solution with EDTA would be:
6. In the work up of a patient prior to EDTA chelation, which set of labs is most appropriate?
7. A provocative (challenge) for heavy metals, prior to submission to lab, includes:
8. A heavy metal urine challenge test can be performed with which chelation agents:
9. In a recent patient referral you have found the presence of Mercury toxicity, you consider a chelation protocol, knowing that:
10. You have a 54 year old male patient coming in for 30 EDTA – GSH - DMPS treatments. During these treatments you will be administering remineralization IV’s. What is the optimal frequency of this type of IV during EDTA chelation:
11. Patients with active, unstable CHF:
12. Renal insufficiency is:
13. Patients with poor renal function will have which response to EDTA / other chelators:
14. You choose to do which of the following for your patient when they are demonstrating a hypoglycemic / insulin reaction during their Chelation treatment.
15. You notice that your pt. is having a hypocalcemic spasm your best choice of treatment is:
16. The form of EDTA which is less irritating to the vein is:
17. Sodium and Calcium have _____________ affinity than Lead and Mercury for EDTA:
18. A patient has thirty EDTA / other chelators treatments performed safely. Ten years later they have a heavy metal test and find high Lead and Mercury being excreted. This finding would be:
19. Sitting with a couple of your colleagues at lunch you are discussing whether or not the need for extra testing is necessary. You mention that you have just taken the seminar on chelation. One of your colleagues has a referral for you. A 45 year old female, appear overall healthy but has been exposed to some heavy metals as a child, you discuss what labs have been done. She reports she has been diagnosed with an “autoimmune condition” but does not have those labs or any other information. You recall some discussion about EKG’s at the seminar that it is:
20. The patient lifestyle / behavior most predisposing to toxic side effects of chelation is:
22. Regarding the activity of metals in the body during the days following chelation:
23. EDTA is:
24. The ability to infuse Calcium EDTA rapidly, as opposed to Sodium EDTA, indicates:
25. A metal mobilization test is about the same as a:
26. Chovestek’s Sign indicates:
27. Which of the following is the range in mOsm/L for isotonic I.V. solutions:
28. DTPA is indicated in ____ toxicity:
29. A 59 year old male presents with hypertension (150/90 untreated), a normal EKG, normal physical examination, and all lab values within normal limits – except for a mild serum creatanine elevation / GFR decrease (Grade II CKD). A heavy metal challenge reveals elevated levels of Lead, Aluminum, and Mercury. The course of treatment most reasonable with regard to chelation therapy would be: (Note: all options include vitals, U/A, history update and DTR’s at every visit).
30. A 42 year old male patient presents requesting chelation therapy. He has Hepatitis-B which is currently active, and has elevated liver function tests which were drawn 1 week ago. He complains of fatigue, nausea and objectively shows mild icterus. He tells you he has done EDTA chelation with another physician in the past and it always helped him out of the active state and provided relief of his symptoms. With respect to chelation therapy, your most reasonable plan would be:
31. You see a patient you had given 30 I.V. EDTA-DMPS chelations. You followed all the protocols you had learned, and the patient has responded very well. Subjectively and objectively you assess the patient to be 80% improved and all renal and liver labs are normal. The patient is so impressed with the results they strongly request you provide more chelation. Your response to the request is:
32. Regarding “push” administration of most chelators, this course:
33. Setting up your clean/sterile field you take into consideration:
34. A post-menopausal female comes into your office with a chief complaint of Parkinsonian-like signs and symptoms. Which of the following might you be most suspicious of?
35. The main “FDA approved” EDTA Chelation therapy mechanism of action is:
36. Which of the following is the most lethal LD50
37. You patient is receiving a 3 hour Chelation protocol. At the 1 ½ hour point you notice that he is becoming pale. Upon questioning he is confused when asked if he is o.k. Upon further questioning you receive inappropriate answers. Checking the radial pulse it is rapid. You suspect:
38. You become concerned that your patient is becoming hypocalcemic; which physical sign(s) would confirm this:
39. A 49 y.o. male pt. has been referred to you from his primary physician, and is coming in for an initial work up for chelation therapy. He says he is healthy but does complain of chest pain. Which of the following would be the most appropriate work up in addition to the heavy metal testing.
40. You want to consider the appropriate Chelation formula for your patient. You need to consider which of the following first:
41. A post-menopausal female comes into your office with a chief complaint of Parkinsonian-like signs and symptoms. Which of the following mechanisms might you be most suspicious of?
43. In this course you were advised the best results and well-rounded chelation protocols require:
44. The best pharmacodynamic model of EDTA would allow for:
45. The challenge test most likely to cause maximum excretion result for Lead, Aluminum and Mercury is:
46. Today you have a number of patients coming in for chelation therapy. What concerns might you be considering and which of the following conditions could create the greatest adverse reaction during Na-EDTA chelation:
47. You have high lead and other metals on a pre-challenge (random) UTM test. The NTx and DEXA show bone loss. Your best protocol is to:
48. Regarding baseline testing for urine toxic metals (UTM), this course and most environmental medicine authorities recommend what regarding “Pre and Post UTM”?
49. You are considering a rapid push Ca-EDTA therapy for your 58 y.o. pt, he’s on a tight Schedule, but wants to keep his appointment. What do you need to keep in mind with this form of Ca-EDTA administration based on this course:
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