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What is the most common preservative used with IV Curcumin products?
Since Iron is used in the metabolism of Artesunate, should we give Iron with Art?
Ozone’s mechanism of regeneration is all EXCEPT:
Which B Vitamin is the lease likely to flare up a chronic disease patient?
What are some serious side effects of Artemisia? Neutropenia, anemia
What are some ways to test for Thiamine sensitivity?
Mold can cause sleep issues.
Does ART need to be kept away from light?
Mycotoxins are…
Which is true when administering HDIVC:
Which of these statements about Artesunate is FALSE?
Avoidance of mold includes all of the following, except…
Vitamin D improves the neurological protective effects of Progesterone
Which therapies can be used on closed brain tumors?
Vitamin D
Which is true about the immune response…
Estrogen can be used in neurological conditions…
Artemisia and its various types are all synergistic with chemotherapy.
Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride can be added to HDIVC
Testosterone levels are more responsive to low cortisol level vs. the perceived stressor.
Estrogen use in women over the age of 65 yo…
All mycotoxins discussed deplete glutathione.
Vitamin D increase the level of Progesterone in the body.
Addressing Testosterone Replacement in women
What is the presentation of adrenal fatigue?
Is Artesunate synergistic with oxidative therapies?
The overview of how to protect and repair the negative health effects of mycotoxins includes all of the following, EXCEPT:
Quercetin can be used orally, nebulized, intravenous, and topically.
When optimizing methylation pathways,
Since mycotoxins are ___________, meaning they absorb easily into fatty tissues, one focus of therapy is to dilute those toxins with Copious Clean Correct fats.
Which statements are TRUE about Artesunate?
Reactions to antibiotics for Lyme can sometimes serve as clues that your patient is mold toxic from a water-damaged building exposure.
Which oxidative therapy produces H2O2 extracellularly for use in the cell?
HDIVC and nutrients should be given on same day to stimulate all the co-factor associated with the oxidative process.
Stress depletes Cortisol:
All types are created equal, with equal dosing.
What is the initial stimulus of an immune response to an infectious agent?
What shifts in electrolytes are seen when infusing High Dose Vitamin C and must be accounted for with your Vitamin C infusion to reduce side effects?
Which of these statements are true regarding Ozone therapy?
Which additives can be added to High Dose Vitamin C?
Which statement is FALSE about Quercetin?
What is the function of Quercetin?
What are stressors to the adrenal gland that can decrease adrenal function with time
Which testing method tests for current exposure?
Which statement is true?
What is the purpose of the Pregnenolone steal in response to stress?
What is true about fat soluble vitamins?
Which statement is FALSE about IV Curcumin?
Quercetin cannot be nebulized with NAC for lung conditions
Lyme Dz needs to keep it’s host alive to survive, Mold is only trying to compost its host
Mold fragment exposure and asbestos have similar symptoms, such as shortness of breath, cough, pain in the chest or abdomen, fatigue, fever or night sweats, respiratory complications, muscle weakness, nausea or bloating.
How long do you typically continue HDIVC protocols?
Which statement is true about mold spores?
What are some side effects of Ozone?

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