Vertisis Custom Pharmacy

Vertisis Custom Pharmacy

Vertisis is one of the most unique sterile-injectable compounding pharmacies in the United States. Our focus is on going “above and beyond” traditional compounding pharmacies by raising the standards of 503A compounding pharmacies to include exceptional products, unique delivery, advanced education, and an amazing relationship with health care providers with a seamless delivery of care. Vertisis originates from over 20 years of clinical practice in custom compounded pharmaceutical agents and over 100 years of combined compounding pharmacy experience with clinical usage of the latest technologies. We have intimate knowledge of hundreds of thousands of custom compounded pharmaceutical treatments with a team of knowledgeable pharmacists to help answer your questions.

Whether you are new to custom compounding or highly experienced, you will find Vertisis provides revolutionary tools, solutions, exceptional support, and education with unparalleled and unique products provided by our team of highly experienced experts. Medicine is advancing faster than ever before and patients are demanding more personalized care. Vertisis brings unique delivery methods and targeted medical treatments straight to your practice for incorporation with your treatment plan. This high level of advanced care means your practice remains at the cutting edge of medicine and your patients greatly benefit.

We are Vertisis Custom Pharmacy, your custom compounding pharmacy for integrative and naturopathic IV therapies and compounds.

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