Heavy Metal Toxicology : Chelation therapy including EDTA, DMPS and Oral Chelation Therapies


Heavy Metal Toxicology : Chelation therapy including EDTA, DMPS and oral chelation therapies

An intensive two-day seminar for naturopathic, medical, nursing and medical student practitioners. Heavy metal detoxification /chelation therapy training will enhance your practice’s treatment options and improve health outcomes. Our course is designed to give practitioners a scientific understanding of the chelation process, and clinical expertise for the safe administration of EDTA, DMPS, DMSA and other therapies. We discuss in detail the calculation of appropriate EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA dosing, safe chelation intervals, how to administer chelation infusions, and why mineral replacement infusions are imperative.

Additionally our faculty discusses the relative benefits and pitfalls of various heavy metal testing strategies as well as the clinically actionable levels of a metal toxicant which should be considered in the workup of a patient. Common clinical syndromes associated with heavy metal body burden are also discussed.

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